Bibliotherapy as a panacea for drug abuse and addiction: The case of Teen Challenge, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Allahde Shehu, Danjuma O. Ajibili and Nansoh Shehu
Keywords: Drug abuse, Drug addiction, Bibliotherapy, Panacea. Teen Challenge, Nigeria
Library and Information Perspectives and Research 2019 1(1), 36-49. Published: July 13, 2019


Bibliotherapy is the use of books for healing sicknesses such as mental illness, emotional disturbance and depression. Such illnesses could be caused by drug abuse which is the use ofdrugs in ways one should not. Most people abuse drugs to feel good, ease stress or avoid reality. Bibliotherapy is attached to factors such as drug abuse and addiction. Preliminary investigation, coupled with personal experience, showed that selected books can serve as therapy for clients who are drug addicts. The purpose of the study was to investigate the influence of bibliotherapy as a panacea for drug abuse and addiction in Nigeria. The research adopted the survey design. The study population was made up of students of Teen Challenge, who are drug addicts that are housed at No. 74, Liberty Boulevard Gwarandok, Jos, Plateau State. Total enumeration was used for the respondents and the instrument for this research was questionnaire. The data collected were analysed using frequency counts and percentages. A total of 20 copies of questionnaire were administered to the drugs addicts and the 20 copies, representing (100%) were retrieved. The findings showed that all of the drugs addicts were males and they fall between the age range of 21-25 and the substances mostly abuse were Indian hemp and alcohol, most of the respondents stopped the addiction through reading spiritual books. The study recommended that relevant reading materials should be made available to the drug addicts in order to help them become virtuous. However, there is the need to engage the youth in skills acquisitions and self-development in order to be productive.