TETFund Intervention and Development of University Libraries in South- East, Nigeria

E. S. Anaehobi and E. C. Agim
Keywords: Tertiery Education Trust Fund, TETFund intervention, university library development, South-South, Nigeria
Library and Information Perspectives and Research 2019 1(1), 50-58. Published: July 13, 2019


The research work focused on the contribution of Tertiery Education Trust Fund (TETFund) intervention to the development of university libraries in South-East, Nigeria. Four research questions were answered in the study. A descriptive research design was adopted for the study. The instrument used in data gathering was questionnaire. The population comprised the 10 university librarians in public universities in South-East, Nigeria. The instrument was validated by experts and the reliability ascertained using the Richard Kuderson 21 with a coefficient value of 0.86. Data collected were analyzed using frequencies and percentages. The findings revealed that the university libraries in South-East, Nigeria have been able to acquire information resources such as new encyclopedias and other reference sources through TETFund intervention, staff in the libraries have benefited from TETFund sponsored staff development programmes, the Fund has contributed to physical infrastructure in the libraries, research and publications of books and journals executed by library staff in university libraries in South-East Nigeria have been sponsored through TETFund intervention. The study recommended that TETFund should increase its current allocations to institutions to enhance university library development. The funding situation of Nigerian university libraries needs to be reviewed by the government periodically with a view to ensuring proper financing at all-time.