The Role of Library and Information Services in Resolution of National Conflicts

Samuel O. Aboh and Abu U. Isaac
Keywords: Libraries, Library and information services, Conflicts, National conflicts and conflict resolutions
Library and Information Perspectives and Research 2019 1(1), 70-79. Published: July 13, 2019


This paper is on the role of library and information services for resolution of national conflicts. Peace is an antidote of conflicts; no nation can experience true development without peace. Subsequently, no meaningful development can occur without proper knowledge which is the base of library and information services. Therefore, libraries and information scientists have been strategically expedient in the provision of peaceful environment for resolution of national conflicts considering the need for peace in the global world of today. This paper adopted a non-empirical study and document research method. However, it is a known fact that no two people can think and view things exactly in the same way, so this paper focused on how libraries can help shape the way individuals in the society can reason and think alike through the availability and use of the information resources made accessible to them in the library. Consequently, this paper aimed at assessing the impact and role of librarians in curbing national conflicts using the school and academic libraries, the public libraries and information centres, and library associations to achieve these objectives. It identified various causes of national conflicts and ways in which library services can be used in resolution of those conflicts, it includes: alternative dispute resolution, resolution of African disputes, negotiation, and mediation among others. Challenges of library and information services in resolution of national conflicts were presented, conclusion drawn while and recommendations were made.