Conceptualization Of Information Communication Technology (ICT) From The Scholars’ Point Of View: A Theoretical Review

Zainab Usman Mahmood and Muhammad Zannah-Bukar Badia
Keywords: ICT, Librarianship, Library Service
Journal of ICT Development, Applications and Research 2019 1(1), 70-78. Published: July 29, 2019


This paper reviewed conceptualization of information communication technology (ICT), its uses and application to librarianship, the need for the effective application of ICT as the best tool for libraries to use in assisting educational researches and students in this age of information explosion to ensure effective service delivery and among other things discusses various ICT resources that can be used for effective library operations and services. The paper discusses the different dimensions of ICT and gives an awareness of technology in the library and why there is need to understand the use of ICT in the library for rendering enhanced library services and information to users. It also highlights where ICT can be applied.