WhatsApp and the 2019 Nigerian Library Association (NLA) Election Exercise

Gloria Oyovwe-Tinuoye and Esharenana E. Adomi
Keywords: Use of WhatsApp, Library and information science (LIS) professionals Nigerian Library Assoociation (NLA), Election exercise, Nigeria.
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2019 1(2), 14-31. Published: January 31, 2020


This study exploed the use of WhatsApp for the 2019 Nigerian Library Association (NLA) 2019 election exercise by library and information sciences (LIS) professionals. The population consisted of all the LIS practitioners with WhatsApp account. Data were collected through Google web form which was distributed to various indidual and group WhatsApp platforms. A total of fifty one (51) LIS profeessionals responded from different libraries and institutions in Nigeria. The responses were authomatically collated, analysed and saved into a Google sheet from wich data were extracted and used for this survey. The study revealed that a majority of the respondents used NLA State chapter group WhatsApp to campaign for candidates, that whatsApp platform enabled respondents to receive information about election timetable, arrival of ballot papers, voting, outcome of election, reactions of election outcome and among others; use of harsh language by some people for campaign, inability to keep track of campaign posts because of the frequency, negative reactions to posts by supporters of some candidates, inability of the administrator to call some offenders to order in group WhatsApp and among others were drawbacks to use of WhatsApp for the election exercise. It was recommended that the LIS professioners should adher strictly to group WhatsApp guidelines and avoid offensive language posts.