Strategies and Activities of the Nigerian Library Association (NLA) to the Development of Library and Information Profession in Nigeria from 2000 - 2015

Idris Ibrahim Saleh and AbdulKadir Mamman Tsagem
Keywords: Nigerian Library Association, NLA, Strategies, Activities, Development
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2019 1(2), 32-42. Published: January 31, 2020


This study examined the strategies and activities of the Nigerian Library Association (NLA) to the development of library and information profession in Nigeria from 2000 to 2015; it was undertaken to investigate strategies the NLA developed to achieve its mandates, ascertain activities the NLA engages towards the development of library profession in Nigeria. The research adopted the narrative research design of the qualitative research methods where the documentary guide and interview were used in gathering data from a total of seven (7) participants. The pieces of information gathered were analyzed, using narrative analysis. The study revealed that NLA employed some strategies. These include educational training, publications, funding, and awards as well as its streamlined objectives. It offers beneficial activities and services that bring about worthwhile advancement to the body in order to meet members’ interests such as conferences, seminars, and workshops. The study recommended that NLA should partner with government at all levels for a holistic approach while designing new policies, NLA should regularly organise and coordinate workshops, seminars and short training courses for members on current developments and on new trends at both local and national levels. This will improve member’s professional development as not all NLA members participate in NLA annual conferences. The effort should be made to improve the performance of the association for the development of library and information profession in Nigeria.