Bibliographic Control of Nigerian Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Heritage by Information Agencies

David Aju
Keywords: Bibliographic control, indigenous knowledge, cultural heritage, information agencies, Nigeria
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2019 1(2), 43-50. Published: January 31, 2020


This paper discusses the need for bibliographic control of indigenous knowledge system by information agencies in Nigeria. There are profound evidence to the fact that indigenous knowledge is local knowledge and it’s been with Nigerian people for ages. Indigenous knowledge is a thing, institution, and a process which is transferable through practice, observation and use. Indigenous knowledge is communicated by word of mouth from generation to generation and it is housed in individual and community memories. The relevance of it to the beholders is not in doubt and it is on the basis of its relevance that it is recognized and accepted. Though indigenous knowledge is in different knowledge forms in different societies, the value is not undermined in spite of threats by westernization and other internal factors such as death of custodians, nonuse and abandonment of various aspect of the knowledge system. To guide against these threats, the paper proffers management strategies such as: selection, acquisition, organization control and proper dissemination of the knowledge system by information agencies for posterity. It is only by realignment of these management approaches to indigenous knowledge that it’s value will be sustained hence the bibliographic control of it.