Managerial Planning and Control: Issues and Implications for Staff Development and Effectiveness in Information Centres in Information Age

Nkata U. Kalu and Stella U. Okeke
Keywords: Managerial planning, control, staff development, effectiveness, information centres
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2019 1(2), 62-75. Published: January 31, 2020


Information is stored, retrieved and disseminated by information centres hence they rarely survive without the effective utilisation of professional personnel to actualise the set goals such; as the satisfaction of the users and development of the employees. Information centres, like other organisations today, are fast growing with complex operations and structures which are continually changing and thus require effective employees prepared for goal accomplishment. Studies have identified manpower development programmes through articulated managerial planning and control exercise as one of the critical factors that can enhance survival and improve the organisational and personnel’s efficiency. In other word, information centres cannot survive without the use of competent and experienced employees, who must strive to tackle the challenges of a changing world. Investment in manpower development is justified when management is able to get a good return on its investment through staff effectiveness. It is for the above reasons that the paper examined the managerial ability on planning and control towards staff development programme and the resultant impacts on workers’ effectiveness. In addition, this paper concludes that in order to achieve a high level workers’ efficiency, a conscious and well articulated managerial planning and control programmes that will dissolve the issues and implication associated with staff development exercise and improved efficiency must be put in place. It is therefore recommended that managers should at all-time should develop and maintain a coherent and continuous staff development plans and control mechanism that will yield effectiveness starting from the recruitment to retirement period of the personnel.