The Disinherited in an Inherited Context: Thurman’s Jesus and the Disinherited Reconsidered

Gideon Y. Tambiyi
Keywords: Howard Thurman, Disinherited, Poor, Christianity, Muslims, Inherited
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2019 1(2), 36-49. Published: February 1, 2020


In Jesus and the Disinherited (1949), Howard Thurman presented a socio-spiritual of Jesus within the context of oppression, injustice, and inequality. A careful survey of works within the Jesus studies shows that Thurman‟s work is not fully appreciated and publicized in Jesus studies today despite its that it has greatly influenced American people and brought radical changes within the human rights activists, particularly Martin Luther King Jr and many others, in the American society. Given that Thurman‟s work has influenced the American society, this work analyses Jesus and the Disinherited from a different perspective, that is, the inherited being dominated and oppressed by people who do not possess inheritance as witnessed in the Nigerian context within various religious circles. This paper sees Thurman‟s work as a viable tool for solving the segregation and injustice which exist between poor and the rich in any arm of the human society. It would also aim at becoming a voice against the religio-political and socio-economic struggles between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.