Gender-Based Violence in Selected Novels of Ifeoma Okoye and Zaynab Alkali

Gloria Ada Fwangyil
Keywords: Ifeoma Okoye, Zaynab Alkali, Gender-Based Violence, Novels
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2019 1(2), 55-65. Published: February 1, 2020


Gender-based violence is a social menace that cuts across societies. Women, irrespective of social, economic or religious status, can be victims of violence at different stages of their lives. Nigerian female writers, portray the harrowing and subjugating conditions women endure and its attendant toll on their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Adopting the feminist theory, this paper discusses the different forms of violence women experience and their coping strategies as depicted in selected works of Ifeoma Okoye and Zaynab Alkali. It also reveals the patriarchal system and stereotypes that tend to validate these heinous acts against women. The paper concludes that violence against women does not affect the victim alone, but has a reverberating effect on all segments of the society, hence the need to adopt proactive measures towards ensuring a complete eradication.