The Need for School Libraries in Primary Schools in Osun State, Nigeria

Ajibola Sunmade Gbotosho and Ranmilowo Saidat Komolafe
Keywords: Library Consciousness, Library Services, Primary Schools, Osun State, Books, and Information materials.
Tropical Journal of Education 2019 1(1/2), 14-16. Published: March 4, 2020


The influence of the library can be felt at all levels of education. This means that the school library in primary school among others is very germane in the educational development of a country, and cannot be underestimated. Students' effective learning cannot be acquired through classroom activities alone, they relate to school library information resources to complement what they have been taught in class. This paper, therefore, aims at justifying the need for school libraries in primary schools, in Osun State, Nigeria. In the paper, we argue that the library will enable pupils to acquaint themselves with books and other information resources, which will enhance learning and conceptual development.