The role of Christianity in preventing domestic violence among Christian families among the Ikwerre people of the Niger Delta

Church-Hill Amadi-Nche, PhD
Keywords: Christianity, Christian families, counselling, domestic violence, single parenthood.
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2021 3(2), 25-32. Published: May 11, 2022


One of the issues facing Christianity in recent times is the issue of domestic violence. Domestic violence has been adjudged to be responsible for some broken marriages, resulting in psychological traumas, single parenthood, divorce, remarriage and even deaths of couples and children as witnessed among the Ikwerre people of the Niger Delta. Thus, the incessant cases of domestic violence have eroded the sacredness, love and permanence of most marriages in Ikwerre. What are the causes of domestic violence? What are the effects of domestic violence among Christian families in Ikwerre? This paper examines biblical view of domestic violence and the roles Christianity can play to prevent the occurrence of domestic violence among Christian families in the area? The paper employs descriptive, evaluative and phenomenological methods and argues that domestic violence is an abuse on humankind and a menace to the progress of Christian families which should be discouraged at all cost. The paper recommends that the Churches should initiate vibrant and viable pre-marital counselling sessions for intending couples, seminars on marriage and family life for the adherents provide material support and care for victims of domestic violence and also encourage victims of domestic violence to always speak up and report any kind of abuses on them to law enforcement agencies.