Adoption of information and communication technology on service delivery in federal university libraries in Nigeria

Iveren Denen, Philip U. Akor, Prof. and Julie N. Udensi, Prof.
Keywords: Adoption, information and communication technology (ICT), service delivery
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2023 5(2), 72-82. Published: September 18, 2023


The aim of this study is to investigate effects of the adoption of ICT facilities on service delivery in federal university libraries in Nigeria. With the advent of Information and Communication Technologies, provision of library services to users has considerably changed. As a result of these changes, library users are expected to witness changes in search of their day to day information needs in the library for maximum satisfaction. In order to be enterprising, library professionals have fully incorporated the use of ICT facilities in their operation and services. The study was purposively determined level of adoption of ICT facilities and services were survey research designed was adopted using the population of Two hundred and Seventy three (273) librarians as the sample size for the study. Data collection was carried out using questionnaire as an instrument where data analysis was done using frequency counts for answering research questions while hypothesis was tested using chi-square. The study found adequate level of adopted ICT facilities and library services in first-generation federal university libraries and concluded that since the findings of the study indicates a relationship between the level of facilities and services (including educational services) provided, the need for substantial investment in ICT and continuous upgrading of existing facilities and training become imperative for optimal benefits of modern education. The study finally recommended that; librarians should be given adequate and continuous training to effectively operate the ICT facilities.