Social intelligence (SI): A sine qua non for the 21st century graduate

Ronke Anke Olurayi
Keywords: Social intelligence, 21st Century graduates
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2023 5(2), 127-139. Published: September 18, 2023


The paper examined why social intelligence is a necessity to the 21st Century graduates. The 21st Century is characterized by technological advancement and change that has revolutionized the way and manner people from different cultures interact and relate with one another in all spheres of life and graduates are not left out. For graduates to function properly and relate effectively with their colleagues at school or the workplace, there is a need for them to learn social intelligence, a soft skill that will help them succeed in their academics, workplaces, leadership and throughout life. Various literature were consulted which confirm that the application of social intelligence has become very relevant to succeeding in this 21st Century. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory was adopted for the work to show how basic needs particularly social needs like love, affection and a sense of belongingness can improve relationships and produce self-awareness leading to self-actualization, the highest level of need desired by any individual.