Adoption of Library Management Software in Selected University Libraries in Southwestern Nigeria

Uzomba, Christian Emeka, Akinyede, Bunmi Motunrayo and Ubogu, Justice Onyekachi
Keywords: Adoption, Library management software University libraries Library services, Nigeria
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2021 3(1), 25-39. Published: March 10, 2021


This study investigated the adoption of library management software in selected university libraries in South-Western Nigeria. Five research questions guided the study. The study employed descriptive survey research design. Data were collected through questionnaire, oral interview and observation. The findings of the study revealed that KOHA, VIRTUA and SLAM are three library software packages adopted in the libraries, and that the software packages are used to a high extent; etc. The study highlighted the problems associated with use of library software packages, such as inadequate funding, erratic power supply, cost of procurement of the hardware/software, etc. However, it recommended provision of adequate funds for the acquisition of library software; provision of uninterrupted power supply by libraries, among others.