Knowledge, Perception and Preventive Measures on Covid-19 among Bingham University Library Personnel

Danjuma Onu Ajibili, Zintah Aku Timothy, Dare Abel Lamidi and Gana Makun
Keywords: Covid-19, Knowledge, Perception and prevention measure, University personnel, Bingham, Karu, Nasarawa State, Nigeria
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2021 3(1), 40-50. Published: March 10, 2021


This paper examines the knowledge, perception and preventive measures of Covid-19 among Bingham University (BHU) Library personnel. A descriptive survey research design was adopted in conducting the research; A structured electronic questionnaire using ‟Google Form‟ was employed on Bingham University library Staff WhatsApp platform to obtain data from 40 respondents, out of which 34 (85%) responses were received. The data obtained were analyzed using percentages. In answering the research questions, any percentage that ranged from 50% and above was regarded as positive and accepted while below 50% was regarded as negative and rejected. The paper revealed among others that a majority of Bingham University Library staff had the knowledge of Covid-19 with respect to its existence, origin, adverse effect and non-curative nature. The study further revealed that the staff also regarded the virus as real and without cure, non-political as well as not over exaggerated. However, they nursed the perception that the virus affects only those in Europe. Finally, it was also discovered that the isolation of returned books at the isolation section was the only preventive measure not taken seriously. The study recommended the inclusion of uncensored pictures and videos of Africans/Nigerians infected with Covid-19 during awareness campaigns and workshops, and the introduction of modern book sanitizer or sterilizing machines like the LIVA Book Sterilizer which is highly efficient in killing viruses and bacteria by UV-C (254 nm).