Information Needs and Resource Utilization by Law Students in Federal Universities in North Central Nigeria

Theophilus Terwase Ubwa, Joseph Ahemba Gbuushi, Mbalamen Susan Ianna and Queen Shimenenge Iornum
Keywords: Information needs, Information availability, Resource utilization, information satisfaction, Law students, Universities, North Central Nigeria
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2021 3(1), 60-71. Published: March 10, 2021


This study investigated information needs and resource utilization by law students in federal universities in North Central Nigeria. The descriptive survey design was adopted in carrying out the study. The population consisted of 3314 law students from which a sample of 331 was drawn and used for the study. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to draw the sample. And proportionate stratified random sampling procedure was used to select law students from each university. Accidental sampling technique was used during distribution of the questionnaire whereby any member of the population that was available at the time of distribution of the questionnaire was chosen. The data collected were analyzed using percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results of the study among others showed law students mostly need information for preparation for examination and test, to complete class assignments; Out of nine major information resources needed in law libraries, seven were available, while two were not available; the students utilize most information sources to a large extent though university of Abuja law students utilizes the least of resources. The study recommended among others that the university management/law librarians should endeavor to provide varied and adequate information resources so that the information needs of the students could be met; that effort should therefore be made to procure more of electronic resources.