Neo-Colonialism in Africa: A Shut Eye in an Open World

John Igbogo Ebeh and Matthew Toogood Aleke
Keywords: Neo-Colonialism, Africa, Open World
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2019 1(1), 57-68. Published: August 13, 2019


It is a truism that the problem of post-independent underdevelopment in Africa has a link to neo-colonialism. Neo-colonialism not only brought a devaluation of African natural endowment in an imbalanced and unjust exchange. Her customs and morality have been condemned and replaced with European ideas and practices as a master does to his slaves without respect or recourse to her customs and traditional values of orientation. Today, Africa is still dependent ideologically, psychologically, socio-politically, and economically on the West. Adopting the methodologies of expository and critical analyses to the scenario, this paper theorizes that despite the manipulations, the onus still lies on Africa to redeem herself. What’s more? All hope is not lost since there are still chances for Africa to become what she wants to be by refusing that which others made her to be. If her leaders can re-assess her socio-cultural esteems and adjust her to a system that is development oriented and proper to the African spirit, her dreams will become real.