A Review of the Application of Telluric and Magnetotelluric Methods in Geophysical Exploration

Babarinde Boye Timothy and Nwankwo Levi I.
Keywords: Telluric, magnetotelluric, subsurface, geophysical exploration, geoelectrical
Tropical Journal of Science and Technology 2020 1(1), 35-47. Published: June 29, 2020


This study presents a review of the application of telluric and magnetotelluric field techniques in understanding the subsurface structures of the earth, which stems from the analytical solution of the Maxwell‟s basic wave equations of electromagnetic theory. The work articulates the fundamentals of a magnetotelluric survey, showing how it is applied in the field, and an explanation of its use in solving geophysical problems. Case histories and the advantages and limitations of employing telluric and magnetotelluric field techniques are also discussed.