Theatre, Class Struggle, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: An Analysis of Salifu Musa’s The Rebel Soldiers and Femi Osofisans Once Upon Four Robbers

Oja Paul Egwemi
Keywords: Theatre, Class Struggle, Terrorism, Counter-terrorism.
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2020 2(1), 37-45. Published: July 16, 2020


The gap between the rich and the poor in Nigeria due to the high level of corruption among the Nigerian ruling class is wide. This has been made worse by the poor quality of political leadership and the manner in which Nigeria’s political economy and socio-cultural landscape have been managed in recent years. This has therefore, encouraged a disdain for the security and rights of the dominated, be they groups or individuals. The result is that over the decades, the lower class of the country has chosen anti-social activities such as kidnapping, armed robbery and terrorism as means to gain economic freedom. This situation has over the years created violent scenes across the nation. The paper however, adopts the instrument of content analysis of the qualitative research methodology. The paper delves into The Rebel Soldiers and Once Upon Four Robbers, analyses their contents and addresses the issue. The result shows that apart from the military option, several means including drama have been used to counter terrorism in the country for national peace and development.