Quantum Reality, Consciousness and Social Cohesion in a Multi-Cultural Nation-State

Yimini Shadrack George
Keywords: Quantum reality, Consciousness, Postmodernism, Social cohesion, Social transformation
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2020 2(1), 46-55. Published: July 16, 2020


The social reality in Africa, Nigeria in particular, is one fraught with “multiple contradictions”. Within this discourse of “multiple contradictions” are the grave issues: „social relation‟ and „social cohesion‟. Its appalling effect especially, is as conspicuous in such characteristic submission to dismissive, intolerant and rigid attitude – not just between and among individuals but across ethnic and regional delineation. This paper examines why and how this is the case. The paper locates the cause in the influence of postmodernist thought. It explores quantum philosophy – „quantum reality‟ – a new model for a new thinking as a way out. The work argues that there are quantum potentials latent in us and that this supposed common quantum structure can be found in the „factor of consciousness‟. The essay projects consciousness as the imagined basis of interconnectedness, social correlation, and social cohesion. The paper concludes that, if we could find an underlying reality that binds us all, we could find a unity in our differences. And thus align ourselves with only that which can aid social transformation.