Church and Character Formation of Adolescents in Jos, Nigeria

Akintoye Babalola-Jacobs and Alero Bolanle Babalola-Jacobs
Keywords: Church, Adolescents, Character, Formation, Methods, Discipline
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2020 2(1), 56-63. Published: July 16, 2020


This study examines the roles that churches play in character formation of adolescents in Jos and its environs. It therefore emphasizes the social responsibility of the Church in condemning all sort of menace in the society. Although many works on this subject exist, attention has not been paid adequately to the methods adopted by churches in shaping the character of adolescents. This is the focus of this paper. The study adopted both the primary and secondary methods of research. Information was gathered through interviews with pastors, teachers of the adolescents and the worshipers. In addition, books, journals and other library materials were consulted. The information derived was interpreted within the ambit of consequentialism theory. The study finds that the church ministers through their teachings were creating awareness and inculcating values from the pulpit. They also organize seminars and training to create avenues for in-depth discussion of character and moral values. In the process of creating awareness, they form a team for evangelism. The evangelism teams try to locate bear parlors, where most of the youths visit to preach to them. The relevance of the study lies in the fact that it adequately offers perspectives on character formation which impact morals in the lives of young ones in Jos and its environs.