Factors Retarding the Development of School Libraries in North Central Nigeria

Columbus Udofot and Joy Asibi Idachaba
Keywords: Factors retarding, School libraries, North Central, Nigeria
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2020 2(1), 51-57. Published: September 11, 2020


This study was conducted in secondary schools libraries to ascertain the factors retarding the development of school libraries in North Central Nigeria and to proffer suggested strategies to overcome them. The researchers used two research questions to guide the study which adopted the descriptive survey design method. A total of 10 secondary schools were used as sample with 8 respondents comprising the Principal, a Teacher Librarian and 6 other teachers were used as respondents in each school. The main instrument for data collection was questionnaire while data collected were analyzed using the simple frequency and percentage table. The findings highlight lack of accommodation, inadequate funding in school libraries in Nigeria, as well as inadequate provision of library resources and services, amongst others, as factors retarding the development of school libraries. The study recommends some measures that would enhance the development of school libraries to include proper awareness creation, recruitment of qualified staff as well as sufficient funding of the libraries.