Unhindered Medical Information Access: Health Information Outreach, The Platform for Citizen Health Empowerment

Celina Jummai Nongo, Nelson E. Ezukwuoke and Mathias Adejoh
Keywords: Medical information access, health information access, citizen health empowerment, medical library services
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2020 2(2), 28-39. Published: September 11, 2020


This paper focused on theoretical health information outreach which is a pivotal role of the medical librarian to citizenship health empowerment. Dissemination of medical information and access is the service required as the predictor of unhindered medical information. Accessing the information as means of the outreach is where the problems lie. This article identified approaches to information outreach, its challenges in perspective and strategies to enhance health information outreach by medical librarians using the resources in the Libraries as a key to citizenry healthy nation.