University Libraries and Students of Low Socio-Economic Status in Nigeria

David T. Aju, Comfort M. Tyopev and Simon Ternenge Tofi
Keywords: Socio-economic status, Academic libraries, Students, Nigeria.
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2020 2(2), 40-47. Published: September 11, 2020


The paper examined the roles of university libraries for students of low socio-economic status in Nigeria. The authors are extremely concerned about the plight of this cluster of university students because we have travelled this road before. Concepts were identified and discusssed. University libraries from the discussion were seen as hub of academic activities of universities with a number of functions. The paper however believes the plight of students from low socio-economic background was not properly covered by the operations of university libraries in Nigeria and as such they are disadvantaged. The authors feel this segment of students are important to be cared for because of their future survival, academic performance and achievement, they constitute the population of Nigeria and they may turnout to be leaders of tomorrow. In view of this, the article suggested support from university libraries for the students, university libraries should engage students from low socio-economic status in extra academic activities such as ICT drill, writing competition organize seminar sessions etc.