Guidance and Counselling as a Tool for Economic Empowerment and National Security in Nigeria

Mohammed Ibrahim Baji and Hadiza Machima Muhammad
Keywords: Guidance, counselling, tool, economic empowerment and national security
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2020 2(2), 36-43. Published: February 28, 2021


The study is aimed at exploring the role of guidance and counselling as a tool for economic empowerment and national security in Nigeria. The study provides conceptual meanings of guidance and counselling, empowerment, economic empowerment, and national security. The different degrees of economic empowerment which include access, awareness-raising, participation and mobilization, and control are discussed. The elements of national security such as military security, political security, economic security, food security, and environmental security are also highlighted. Similarly, the roles of guidance and counselling in economic empowerment and national security are analysed and discussed in the paper. These are lack of steady economic growth, broad macroeconomic aggregates growth, and high rates of urbanization, stagnant secondary sector and unemployment. Others are increasing government expenditure and domestic debts, high circumscribed macro policy and unsustainable public sector spending, as well as low productivity and competitiveness of the private sector, among others. Suggestions such as empowerment through the public private partnership, judicious allocation and utilization of resources, diversification of the economy, and strengthening of transition and rent-seeking economy by the public sector have been offered.