A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Gender Prejudice in Selected English and Igbo Proverbs

Chibueze Egbe Aleke
Keywords: Feminist, Critical, Discourse, Analysis, Gender, Prejudice, English, Igbo, Proverbs
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2021 3(1), 1-9. Published: February 28, 2021


This paper investigates the representation of women as espoused in selected English and Igbo proverbs. The aim is to analyze the traditional views on the perception and the roles of women as well as how power relationships of different gender are determined through linguistic choices in different language societies. Using the Interpretivist paradigm and feminist critical discourse analysis 16 Igbo proverbs purposely selected from both oral and written source and 19 English proverbs selected from Oxford Dictionary of English proverbs 7th edition were examined. Furthermore, the data has been categorized and analyzed how women are perceived, symbolized and portrayed through English and Igbo proverbs. It is also examined whether the stereotypical image of the woman is same in English and Igbo societies. The findings reveal that both cultures have some elements that motivate their men to maltreat, even „man handle‟ women. It also brings to the limelight the inequalities that exist between the two sexes in English and Igbo societies in concrete and clearer terms.