Development and implementation of a password and fingerprint based circuit breaker

Okhueleigbe, E. I. and Okhaifoh, J. E.
Keywords: Electrical, password, accident, feedback, fingerprint
Tropical Journal of Science and Technology 2021 2(1), 1-13. Published: July 25, 2021


This study examined the problem faced during electrical accident investigation so as to allay fears, cloudy misgivings and suspicion of Re-energizing an already (or Purportedly) Isolated (De-Energized) Lines (Mechanically Padlocked) between the DISCO’s linesman and operators in substation control room on one hand and factory maintenance technician and their control room operator on the other part during electrical accidents investigation, It tends to look at a solution that will be acceptable to all and sundry on the actual cause of the energization of an electrical line during repairs and maintenance which could have been due to a feedback current from another source but with this password and finger print circuit breaker, the linesman`s mind is at peace and his safety is maximally guaranteed.