Implementing computer-based test for theory exams in tertiary institutions in Nigeria

Emmanuel Addah, Godwin Ovuworie and Godfrey Ariavie
Keywords: Theory, paperless, computer-based, test, examination, online
Tropical Journal of Science and Technology 2021 2(1), 14-28. Published: July 25, 2021


The computer has penetrated and positively influenced all areas of human endeavor, and this is because of its potential of improving any system it is applied to. The education system is not left out in this global trend of systems automation. After improving lecture delivery, both in and out of the classroom, there has been the need for online assessment, resulting in the emergence of computer-based tests. Currently, a lot of objective type computer-based tests have evolved for online assessment. In the same light of improving the system, it is imperative that theory questions be assessed online as well, using the computer and this is the aim of this work. A theory online exam system was developed in the course of this work. Software was written by the author, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This Software has a client-server architecture, called Paperless Exam Ver. 1.0. The software was tested and found to be working. Two computers were set up, one being the server and the other, the student (client). Students and timed courses were added to the server with the Admin Module. These names were logged into the software, started an exam and submitted the scripts. The scripts were collected from the server for marking by the lecturer, using Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro and a Digital Pen/ Graphics Pen Tablet.