Delivering information literacy in the 21st century: Reflection for librarians and information specialists

Idris Ibrahim Saleh
Keywords: Information literacy, 21st century, librarians, information specialist/practitioners
Library and Information Perspectives and Research 2021 3(1), 7-16. Published: August 14, 2021


The replication to the myriad forms of information creation and delivery has been the catalyst for the development of the new literacies that are researched and implemented into teaching around the world. This paper examined the delivering of information literacy in the 21st century: Reflection for Librarians and Information Specialist being taught and how the programme implemented 21st century literacies into the curriculum, specifically trans-literacy and meta-literacy. It discuss how information literacy was redesigned to include the concepts behind the value of information literacy and delivery in the 21st century, and why information literacy promotion and national development is a way forward. The role of librarians and information specialist may be a valuable one in this regard. One challenging but exciting new area is how e-books contributed to curriculum design in the 21st century as well as focusing on general library challenges of information literacy in Nigeria. Finally, the question of repositioning information literacy to the development of library and information profession is appropriate and more advance conceptualization is needed in Nigeria.