Trends, challenges and prospects of newsmagazines publishing in Nigeria

Ogbu, S. E., Ariyo, I. B., Oluwole, A. E., Ndukwe, N. C. and Oyediran, O. B.
Keywords: Newsmagazines, trends, history, publishing, challenges, prospects, Nigeria
Library and Information Perspectives and Research 2021 3(1), 17-25. Published: August 14, 2021


This paper focused trends/history, challenges and prospects of newsmagazines publishing in Nigeria. It is a theoretical work as it reviewed related literature on issues concerning Newsmagazines. It revealed that newsmagazines faces a serious shakeout since the emergence of digital media, internet and the Web; that the problems militating newsmagazines include over depended on revenue from advertising, the process of reaching new readers and keeping the old ones, process of linking to online channels, price of raw materials and unfavorable government policy; that despite the emergence of digital media, many readers believed that newsmagazines form parts of delicious sources of reading, that they contains current information on the events that took place within the week, give pure report of occurrence as happen, contain original information of the investigation on the issue at hand, generate wealth, create employment, provide GDP for a country , can influence societies, are creative, are a luxury and entertaining. It concluded that despite the shakeout by the digital era, the newsmagazine will continue to be relevant but needs to have strong editorial formula, be authoritative, give pure and original reportage on issues devoid of fake news to remain relevance. Hence the new did not come to kill the old, but to live side by side.