Provision of library services during COVID-19 pandemic

Yakubu A. Liman and Umar Shuaibu
Keywords: COVID-19, global health information library services, Internet, social media, digital reference service
Library and Information Perspectives and Research 2021 3(1), 71-81. Published: August 14, 2021


This paper explored the library services during coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic. COVID-19 has been a household name all over the world. All major cities around the globe were lockdown during the pick period and the second wave of the pandemic. The disease has spread rapidly all over the world including African countries. In Nigeria, the first case was diagnosed in late February 2020. Currently there are more than 140,000 diagnosed cases and 1,449 deaths across the country. The paper argued that proper information awareness through advocacy programmes to mitigate increase in COVID-19 cases should be sustained by all stakeholders including the libraries. The role of libraries in raising awareness through public health education, information literacy in Nigeria was discussed. The paper advocated strategies with the provision Internet Services, Social media and digital reference services as a means of providing useful resources that would help library users and general public to be aware on the danger of COVID-19 pandemic. This paper concluded that library services are impediment for improving health awareness of the users through education, information and public enlightenment. It is recommended by this study that libraries should serve as a catalyst in the promotion of public health through information awareness and dissemination.