Towards implementing knowledge management in academic libraries

Ali Muhammed Fakandu, Junaidu Musa and Ibrahim Isah Ibrahim
Keywords: Knowledge management, academic libraries
Library and Information Perspectives and Research 2021 3(1), 94-103. Published: August 14, 2021


The paper focuses the implementation of knowledge management (KM) in libraries. It dwells on the concept of knowledge management from business, science and library perspectives. as well as the importance of implementing KM in libraries considering the benefits that would be derive by librarians and the parent organisation of the library. This include helping librarians to do their work and save time through better decision making and problem solving and developing professional code of ethics that librarians will adhere to among others. It also addresses the implementation stages of KM in libraries such as advocating and learning, developing strategy, design and launch of KM initiatives, expand and support of KM activities and institutionalize knowledge management. This will assist any library to actualize the knowledge management processes. Barriers for implementing KM in libraries are equally identified and recommendation made based on the review of literature in the article.