Female voice and space in Fred Agbeyegbe’s The King Must Dance Naked and Woe unto Death

Matilda Eyituoyo Ovie-Jack, PhD
Keywords: Characterization, feminism, space, voice, womanism
Tropical Journal of Arts and Humanities 2022 4(2), 49-57. Published: December 30, 2022


This paper is to examine the fictional expression of female voice and space as a powerful feminist mode of resistance against patriarchy, while examining such terms as feminism, womanism, voice and space as they relate to female expression of self-identity. Womanism is applied in the African context to explore the social cultural setting and female struggles in Fred Agbeyegbe‟s The King Must Dance Naked and Woe Unto Death. This paper addresses issues like discrimination, stereotyping, patriarchy, oppression, and sexual rights. This study will also make known the positive transformation of the woman‟s voice and space, such that women are not marginalized but are treated equally in all spheres of life. The African woman, like most women out there can be a full time house wife and also cope with her social and political lifestyle. The study concludes that the female personnel in the two plays under investigation are those who are able to disregard and rise above patriarchy in the African cultural space.