Information dissemination for people with special needs in the society: Role of libraries as a panacea in bridging the gap for national development

Grace Olubumi Odutola, PhD and Ogbonyomi, Michael Adebayo
Keywords: Information dissemination, special needs people, role of libraries, national deelopment
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2022 4(2), 43-50. Published: December 30, 2022


The paper analyzed the information dissemination for people with special needs in the society. Special needs people have basic information needs for human survival in a lot of challenges they are prone to in their various communities. However, it has been observed that information dissemination among the special needs of people in the society is low. This has been attributed to incapacitations, loneliness, isolation, incarcerations, and degenerative diseases among others. One of the key objectives of librarianship as a service profession is provision of information to users in a manner that elicit satisfaction. The study concluded that it is evident that people under these categories need information like any regular library users to satisfy their information needs. The paper recommended that libraries and librarians in collaboration with the government of Nigeria should establish the information needs for improved service delivery.