Social media and library and information services in COVID-19 era

A. Lanre Mbashir and Michael Adebayo Ogbonyomi
Keywords: COVID-19, Era, Information Services, Library, Social Media
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2022 4(2), 102-107. Published: December 30, 2022


This paper examined social media and library services in COVID-19 era. The emergence of social media in the delivery of library services is a recent development. It has become a major instrument of communication and information dissemination especially during a pandemic witnessed in human history. Given the context of wider reach and acceptability of social media platforms, libraries are now exploring the opportunities provided in the delivery of library and information services to their patrons in such areas like; education and training, marketing and advertising, collaboration and linkages, delivery of information on library resources, amongst others to wildly control the menace. Challenges encountered in the application of this platform to library and information services delivery in COVID-19 era were identified in this paper such as; inadequate funding, poor network and connectivity, epileptic electricity supply, inadequate trained personnel to handle digital programmes, amongst others. The paper recommended appropriate measures that could be taken to overcome the challenges such as increase in library budget, improved network and connectivity, alternative source of electricity, training and retraining of library personnel, all geared towards improving library and information services through social media platforms in the COVID-19 era. Secondary sources of information and other documented sources were consulted.