Broadcast media and the conduct of 2015 and 2019 presidential elections in Nigeria: A comparative analysis

Muktar Bashir, PhD and Ibrahim Baba Shatambaya
Keywords: Broadcast, election, media, Nigeria, presidential
Journal of Management and Social Science Research 2021 2(1/2), 1-13. Published: January 4, 2023


Media generally and broadcast media in particular are central to the survival and sustainability of any democratic dispensation like that of Nigeria. Democracy world over cannot function effectively without information sharing and this is done through the media. The Nigerian media is made up of print, electronic and the newly social media whose constitutional role is to inform, educate and entertain the general public fairly. Therefore, during any electioneering contest, the media is employed to canvass for votes by different parties against their opponents. This paper examines the role of the broadcast media during the 2015 and 2019 presidential elections in Nigeria, the study is a comparative one. Secondary source of data that included relevant books, articles, pamphlet etc. were utilized in the study. It was found that, the coverage by public stations during the 2015 presidential election was not fair to the opposition parties, since the outfit was dancing to the tune of the ruling party against other contenders. The private stations on the same elections covered the exercise more fairly and objectively by given a level playing ground for all parties to canvass for votes freely without any restriction. On the other hand, the coverage of the 2019 presidential election by both public and private stations was fairer and objective to both parties. It is therefore, recommended that, broadcast media should not serve as the mouthpiece of any political party. It should play it constitutional role of being the watch dog of the society by educating and informing the public especially during elections fairly to elect the candidate of their choice.