Flood disasters and management in Ughelli and environs, Delta State, Nigeria

Efe, S, Ighovie and Ekukoro Moses
Keywords: Flood, disaster, properties, management, Ughelli
Journal of Management and Social Science Research 2021 2(1/2), 35-44. Published: January 4, 2023


The study examines the 2022 floods disasters in Ughelli and environs, Nigeria. Field survey of 25 communities affected by flood disaster in Ughelli north and south Local Government Areas (LGA) were carried to measure the inundated areas and their levels (depth). Questionnaires were also administered to solicit the causes, effect of flood, and management strategies adopted during the flood episodes. Data were presented and analyzed with statistical diagrams and descriptive statistics. Results revealed high level of flood inundation and disasters in Ughelli north and south of Delta State, with a colossal and devastating damage on properties and lives. Properties worth 616.3 million and 573 million of worth of crops were destroyed. And socioeconomic activities come to a standstill. Heavy rainfall, release of water from Lagdo dam in Cameroun amongst others are the causal factors of the disaster. The study posited building of buffer dams, adhering to NiMet weather prediction, and planning regulations among others as the flood management options.