Oil spills deposits effect on soil physicochemical properties in Port Harcourt metropolis: Implication for agricultural planning

Eyetan, T. and Ozabor, F.
Keywords: Agriculture physicochemical oil-spills soil-pollution planning
Journal of Management and Social Science Research 2021 2(1/2), 45-58. Published: January 4, 2023


Examined herein are the effects of oil spills on soil physicochemical characteristics in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Experimental research design was adopted for the study. Soil samples were collected from oil imparted areas and compared with FEPA soil quality standards and control site. Using quadrat sampling technique five (5) oil impacted sites were selected for the experiment. The sites were picked purposively following the researchers’ knowledge of oil spill issues in the area hitherto. Soil samples were collected at depths of 0-15cm and 15-30cm respectively and sent to the lab, to check for the physicochemical properties. Multiple regression and ANOVA statistics were used to test the hypotheses. Analysis of soil samples showed that soils of Port Harcourt metropolis were sandy-loamy and very acidic with pH that ranged between 2-3.5. Cation Exchange Capacity, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, calcium, and organic carbon content were very low and could not support agriculture. The regression model showed that, oil spillage has significant effect on the physicochemical content of soils in Port Harcourt at p<0.05 (R-.870; r2 .757). There was statistically significant difference in the spatiality of physicochemical characteristics of soils in the area. Prevention of further spills, phytoremediation and holistic agricultural planning are among the solutions advanced in the study.