Attitude of library personnel towards preservation practices in academic libraries in Niger State, Nigeria

Fati Abubakar, G. O. Alegbeleye, Prof. and R. O. Owolabi, PhD
Keywords: Academic libraries, attitude, library personnel, preservation practices
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2024 6(1), 26-39. Published: April 26, 2024


The study investigated the attitude of library personnel towards preservation practices of academic libraries in Niger State, Nigeria. The study adopted a survey research design. The population comprised 387 librarians and paraprofessionals in seventeen academic libraries in Niger State, Nigeria. Total enumeration method was used. A structured and validated questionnaire was used for data collection. Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficients for the constructs ranged from 0.77 to 0.84. A return rate of 81.4% was achieved. Descriptive and inferential (simple and multiple regression) statistics were used for data analysis. The finding indicated attitude of library personnel had a significant influence on preservation of information resources in the libraries (Adj.R2 = 0.076, F (1, 314) = 26.825, p < 0.05). Attitude of library personnel indicators: positive attitude (β = 0.222, t(312) =3.535, p < 0.05) and negative attitude (β = 0.094, t (312) = 1.516, p < 0.05) positively and significantly influenced preservation practices of information resources. The study concluded that attitude of library personnel have affect preservation practices in academic libraries. The study recommended that the management of academic libraries in Niger State should create awareness through training for librarians to foster positive attitudes towards the preservation of information resources. Library management should have disaster preparedness management plans and preservation policies to secure the library resources against deterioration.