Staff training and development of librarians in academic libraries in Ondo State, Nigeria

Cyril Iloba Ijeh, John Metonwanu Dosa and Toluwalope Patience Akinwole
Keywords: Staff training and development, library, academic and human resource
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2024 6(1), 96-106. Published: April 26, 2024


This study explored staff training and development among librarians in academic libraries in Ondo State. The population of this study consisted of sixty one (61) librarians. The entire population was used as sample for the study because it was manageable.. The instrument for data collection was structured questionnaire. The professional staff are used for the study. Frequency and percentages were used to analyze the data collected. Findings revealed that all the librarians have participated in formal education as well as continuing education programmes followed by ICT training in the library since commencement of work in the libraries; that all of them have positive attitude to training and development programmes while financial constraint, denial of promotion after completion of staff development programme among others are the prevalent factors affecting training and development programmes among the staff. The study concluded that that the librarians have participated in various training and programmes since they began working in the libraries and recommended that the management of the institutions and libraries should make funds available to staff for training and development and well as promote those that have acquired additional qualifications through professional development programmes.