Integration of Social Media into School Library Services for National Unity and Security

Mohammed M. Kpakiko, Monday Adamu Barde, and Murjanatu Abdulhamid
Keywords: National unity, National security Social media, School library, School library services
Journal of Library Services and Technologies 2021 3(1), 51-59. Published: March 10, 2021


This paper presents implications of social media integration into school library services to achieve national unity and security. The concept of social media, school library services, national unity and security were reviewed. It also presents the need to integrate social media into school libraries and identified how social media can be integrated into school libraries to achieve national unity and security. The paper concludes that integration of prominent social media platforms into school library services has the capacity to remodel students attitude and create paradigm shift in their perception on national cohesion, national integration and national security. It has been suggested that School libraries should seize this golden opportunity of large user statistics of social media platforms to promote their educational and current awareness services especially on nationalism through Facebook, WhatsApp, Blog and Twitter so as to promote national unity and security. School Librarians and the school management should take advantage of the attention given to Facebook, WhatsApp, Blog and Twitter by students and use the medium for mentorship between students and teachers instead of just relying on face to face counseling which in most cases do not enjoy patronage. Students should be encouraged to become members, as this will enable them to share useful academic, economic, political and social information among themselves from across the world. School Librarians and the school authorities are hereby encouraged to make social networking a character modeling and learning platform for the attainment of national unity and security.