Repositioning the Victim in Victimology through Theory: The Concentric Model

Ochuko Oluku
Keywords: Victimology, Concentric Model,
Journal of Management and Social Science Research 2020 1(1/2), 43-53. Published: June 26, 2021


This work examines the inadequacies of the current victimological and criminological theories for not giving the rightful focus to the victim as their subject matter. The two predominant strands of current theorizing, ‘native’ and adapted perspectives were questioned for blaming the victim for his victimization or attributing his predicament to socio – structural variables, instead of the crime perpetrator. The legal status of the victim is not considered by both perspectives: hence, the paper proposes a concentric model, which seeks to restore the victim to his rightful place within the criminal justice system. The victim is appropriately portrayed as an inactive player in crime causation, who is at the receiving end of the activities of outlaws. New concepts, ‘former normal’, ‘victim status’ and ‘victimal’ state are introduced to properly capture the ‘alterative’ harm offenders inflict on their victims, some of which many never recover from. It attempts a reconstruction of the process of victimization, and with the aid of two empirical case studies, demonstrates the possibility of discovering the pattern of offender victimization through mass studies of crime victimization data. Results from the studies can be used to formulate strategies to halt crime and break the cycle of victimization. The model holds great promise for research and policy on prevention of victimization and victim support and treatment in the criminal, or any alternative justice system.