Climate Change Vulnerability on the Inhabitants of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

Odionkhere, Kingsley Tejiri and S. I. Efe,
Keywords: Climate change,vulnerability, adaptation, strategies, Yenagoa
Journal of Management and Social Science Research 2020 1(1/2), 54-65. Published: June 26, 2021


The study examines the level of climate change vulnerability on the inhabitants of Yenagoa, and determine the adaptation strategies in the area. Temperature and rainfall data were obtained from the archive of Global Precipitation Climatological Centre (GPCC) and Nigeria Meteorological Agency Satellite for Yenagoa for 62 years (1958 to 2019. Also, 400 copies of questionnaire were administered. The result showed high level vulnerability of climate change that has precipitated sea level rise, flooding, rise in temperature. Thus, leading to decline in farmland, food insecurity, headers farmers’ crisis, reduction in forest resources, growth and development of crops and increase in pest and diseases. It has also impacted the educational system negatively such as disruption in the educational system, closure of schools, lateness to school, relocation of students, destruction of bridges, and road accident and irregular traffic flows. Other are low patronage in recreation and tourism, low turnout for outdoor games, and destruction of tourism facilities. Others arereduction in income, high cost of living, reduction in gross domestic product (GDP). The study therefore posited climate insurance, promotion of alternatives farming practices, carbon sequestration, green city green roof approach amongst others as the adaptation strategies